2023 Tier 1 Tickets – Sold Out.

We’re still so happy with the incredible reaction we’ve had to our second artist announcement – a line-up we’re so very proud of and is set to get even better with more artists still to be announced.
It’s no surprise then that off the back of this artist announcement we saw the last of our Tier 1 Tickets fly out – selling out in record time.
Thank you to all of you who purchased these best-priced tickets.
We’ve now moved on to Tier 2 Tickets, and it won’t be long until these too sell out and we move to our higher priced Tier 3’s. So if you still haven’t locked in your tickets to Black Deer Festival 2023, you know what to do. And with payment plans and group deals available, there are even more reasons to secure your tickets. Don’t miss out.