Announcing 2019’s Emerging Artists

Black Deer Band Submissions

Black Deer is a community providing opportunities to all and we see offering a platform for raw and emerging musical talent as a vital part of our community.

All music fans take pride in seeking out and discovering new artists early on in their journey and we’re no different – hearing fans say ‘we saw them first at Black Deer’ is something that will always give us a thrill. That’s why we listened to more than 1000 musicians who applied to play at Eridge Park in 2019 via our submission’s portal.

“I’ve been overwhelmed by the quality of the music,”

says festival booker Bev Burton.

“It was so good that I had to allocate more spots! It’s brilliant to see so many up-and-coming bands and musicians playing Americana music and all the related sub-genres. Everyone who applied really did themselves proud.”


The standard was very high and picking successful submissions took many hours of repeated listening… but that’s the bit we loved! Congratulations, then, to MG Boulter, Gwenifer Raymond, The Folly Brothers, The Lowly Strung, Ma Polaine’s Great Decline, Louis Rive, Hollie Rogers, Lucy Kitt, Ciara Rafferty, Ryan Farmer and Holly Rose Webber – and before you make plans to check them out in the deer park, listen to our exclusive Spotify playlist featuring the best of what our emerging artists have to offer (it makes great headphones listening on your travels).

“We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to apply,”

say festival co-founders Gill Tee and Deb Shilling.

“We’ll be keeping our eyes and ears on many of those who didn’t make it this time, but congratulations to the 11 who were successful… we can’t wait to see you in action in the deer park!”


Please take the time to check out our emerging talent at the festival in June – as you can hear in our playlist the standard of musicianship and songcraft on display is from the very top table. These musicians are the lifeblood and future of Americana and we all know it’s always nice to be ahead of a trend – what can be better for a music fan than to able say ‘I was there from the start when they played Black Deer’…