Black Deer Festival Update 23.06.21


We are so aware of the human cost and damage to our industry that this pandemic has caused.
The livelihoods of artists, bands, their teams, and management; along with traders, suppliers, partners; a behind-the-scenes festival army; local hospitality, deserving communities and charities. We could go on…
It’s why, more than anything, we wanted to be at the forefront of the return of live music. And we did everything in our power to be there.
We went above and beyond in meeting government safety guidelines and restrictions, all of which we achieved without any financial support from the government and doing so within a backdrop absent of any government-backed insurance schemes (for the second year in a row).
We were therefore incredibly proud to have created the safest of events, one that was all set to kickstart the live event industry into overdrive.
But then this unrelenting rollercoaster of a ride took yet another devastating turn when the Government announced a delay to the easing of restrictions. It was a hammer blow to Black Deer Festival 2021. One that well and truly knocked the stuffing out of us and no doubt out of you, too.
Still, neither us nor you were willing to give up on a desperately needed feel-good weekend get-together in the deer park. An outpouring of love from our passionate audience followed, which became a rallying cry to the government in support of our application to be a part of the Event Research Programme – which if successful would have seen us welcoming you all to our Americana Playground as planned. Yet, this too fell on deaf ears.
Coming to terms with the fact that for a second year in a row Black Deer Festival wouldn’t be happening, and the impact that has on all involved, has been hard to deal with. But now we must all get back up again, dust ourselves off knowing that in 2022, Black Deer will come back stronger than ever.
What’s clear, is that without your ongoing support, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We now need your support more so than ever. And the best way of you doing this, is to simply keep hold of your tickets.
All tickets will automatically roll over to next year’s festival which will take place from 17th-19th June 2022. We know not everyone will be able to make these new dates, or just maybe would prefer a refund which of course will be made available to you. We’ll be back soon with more information on all of this. As you can imagine, there’s still an awful lot we need to work through.
Again, our love and thanks must go to all of you who’ve supported us throughout.
We may put on a festival, but it’s all of you who’ve built Black Deer.
Gill, Debs, and the Black Deer team x