2018 Reviews

2018 Black Deer Reviews

From the Media


“I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. What an amazing weekend, just had a brilliant time, really enjoyed it”
Paul Dunton – Times of Tunbridge Wells

“Loved the vibe at the festival and it was so well organised and relaxed – great music, bars and food too! I tweeted the hell out of it and happy to recommend it.”
Paul Curran – Radio 4

“We had an amazing time and can really see this Festival being a major success every year. Thanks again for having us, we loved the festival so much”
Hannah Compton Building Our Own Nashville

“Thank you so much, I had such an amazing time this weekend”
Shiona McCallum – Radio 1 Newsbeat

“Thank you for your help on Saturday, so well run and organised”
Lee Williams – CMR Nashville

“Congratulations to the organisers and the whole team, yourself included, for a first event I thought it was fantastically well organised.”
Neil Del Strother – UK Festival Guide

“The truth is folks, it’s a huge congratulations to co-founders Gill and Debs as Black Deer Festival have set the bar very high for all summer festivals with their first outing and they’ve already confirmed they’ll be back next year, you’ll want to check it out before the rise of Americana in the UK gets even bigger and you miss out on tickets!”
Dan – Critical Popcorn

“Black Deer was homely and friendly and, well, just fun. And its undulating weald setting was so utterly beautiful it took my breath away when I arrived…”
UK Festival Guide

“As a first attempt, Black Deer was bold, creative and most of all a lot of fun”
Americana UK

“The first day was incredibly successful with a stellar line up, great food and a great vibe!
It was a fantastic weekend and tickets are now on sale for next year! With a line up already being put together behind the scenes it is bound to be just as good next year if not better so go get your tickets now!”
The Writers Room

“Day 1 was for the most part a chilled-out affair with great music and a community atmosphere, which in our opinion was the perfect way to start a fun three days packed with music and much more… For a festival in its first year, Black Deer ran remarkably smoothly and it was a fantastic weekend with a very chilled atmosphere”

“It was a solid first year for the Back Deer, with people of all ages clearly enjoying themselves” – “It certainly succeeded in bringing taste of Americana to Tunbridge Wells”
Times of Tonbridge / Times of Tunbridge wells

“The quality of the curation and broad audience of Americana music made a big contribution to that, as did the Festi Feng Shui, and the American weather made the weekend memorable. I really do hope that the organisers take the chance and run it again next year, their first was a great festival”

“As a member of the audience I can say whole-heartedly that Black Deer lept into action from the second the gates opened”
Lyric Magazine


From the Festival Goers


‘What a great first year festival black deer was! Tonnes of top acts, some surprises to discover and those you  already enjoyed. Add in the food selection and the whole experience was brilliant!’

‘Wow, you guys have sure set something up! Loved every moment, superb music (everywhere), great food, great people and a great vibe all round’.

‘What a totally fabulous weekend, from the minute we arrived to the last beer and everything in-between. The music line up was amazing – can’t wait for next year.’

‘What an amazing first year festival. Honestly I didn’t think that it was going to be as special as it turned out. Definitely would urge people to go along next year’.

‘The best experience of my life loved every minute!

The amount of work, preparation and continued organisation throughout the event was amazing!’

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