Black Deer Festival RFID and Cashless

We can’t wait to welcome you to the deer park, where you’ll experience all of the many benefits of going cashless…

The benefits of a cashless festival:

Whilst this may be a new concept to some, there are many benefits of a festival going cashless that can be passed onto our customers.

1. Due to the many moving parts at a live event, cashless payments is now recognised as the global best practice at festivals around the world.

2. Cashless payments make your festival experience easier, faster and safer.

3. Load your wristband from the get go (online beforehand or when you arrive at the festival), no need to keep your cash or credit card in a tent or locker – your funds are on your wristband, attached to you at all times, making it hassle-free all weekend.

4. The Auto TopUp feature means you don’t even have to go anywhere to load more funds when you need them.

5. It makes service at the bars and vendors much faster and reduces queues.

6. If you don’t spend all of the money loaded onto your wristband, you can quickly and easily request your money back online after the festival.

More details on going cashless at Black Deer Festival 2021 to follow soon…