Introducing ‘The Pick’…

We’re excited to introduce to you – ‘The Pick’… digging under the roots of Americana.
The Pick exists to focus on the things you love… and the things you’re going to love. Original and ad-free feature-length articles, fun-filled lists and rare music & videos will mix with emerging artist analysis, glimpses behind the Americana lifestyle and lots more relevant and irreverent content to bring you the best of the world Black Deer inhabits.
Come behind the music with us as we investigate the best roots, country, blues, folk, bluegrass, soul, gospel, food and style that the immersive world of Americana has to offer.
Head on over to ‘The Pick’, here.
But before so, there’s no better place to start with ‘The Pick’, then by watching this short film…

Black Deer Presents: What is Americana?