Passenger Black Deer Festival


A lot has happened since Mike Rosenberg, the British singer-songwriter who records and performs as Passenger, signed to IE Music aged just 17. Having originally emerged fronting a band, his re-invention as a solo performer began with years of busking, largely in Australia. Then came a number of shows supporting Ed Sheeran. And then, in ‘Let Her Go’, a tune that topped the charts in 20 countries around the world.
Those who know only that single, which won an Ivor Novello and clocked up a billion Youtube hits, might be surprised to hear that there have also been seven albums, less ubiquitous but no less acclaimed, from Wicked Man’s Rest (2007) to Whispers (2014) and Whispers II (2015).
Passenger’s eighth album, ‘Young as the Morning, Old as the Sea’ is a record of continuity but also of change. The exquisite song-craft and the distinctive delivery remain as before, because Rosenberg himself remains as before: thoroughly down to earth.
‘I know the most recent record is probably always my favourite, but I honestly feel this is the first time I can play the new record to people and not feel obliged to make excuses. I’m so proud of it.’

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