Hank JD Sleek

Hank JD Sleek Black Deer Festival

Hank JD Sleek

Hank JD Sleek is the alias of Matt Nunn, DJ, Artist, Texas Two Step & Swing dance teacher, and most importantly lover of Folk, Country, Rockabilly, Blues, Cajun, Zydeco, Hillbilly, Rock ‘n Roll, Alt Country… in fact all forms of what is generally referred to as Americana music.
With an ever-expanding music collection that started when he was 15, Hank loves seeking out and playing those Americana sounds, from those well-known tracks to some wonderfully obscure tunes by an unknown band on some long lost record label from a town that nobody remembers…
Booked for top Americana festivals, Events, Band Support, Private Parties… Hank JD Sleek takes his job seriously… the job of making sure folks have fun! Dancing, listening, or drinking, ole Hank has the tunes for you!

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