HOT ROCK PILGRIMS Black Deer Festival


Hot Rock Pilgrims seem like they were cooked up in a lab for the kind of music snob who needs even their party band to have impeccable credentials. When a band’s bio declares that they defy genre, it’s often because they haven’t taken the time to master any of them. Our intrepid squirrel hunters, on the other hand, count among their number bluegrass purists, the best Old Time fiddler outside the USA, and in Hubert Murray, an Irish bluesman who’s also a fine flatpicking guitarist.

If they felt like it, they could turn their collective hand to country, rockabilly or early rock’n’roll. As it is, what they do is steeped in American roots music tradition, deeply groovy and a great deal of fun. Fiddle, banjo, guitar, bass and dobro, wickedly fast and high. If you’re casting around for post-Brexit symbolism, they’re also a fine example of European co-operation, or perhaps the start of a joke; a German, an Irishman and three Brits walk into a bar. Before they leave, they’ll have everyone on their feet…

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Line Up 2019

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