Asteroid Black Deer festival


For the past fifteen years, Asteroid have been one of the trend setting bands in the independent psychedelic heavy rock community. With their origin in hard hitting stoner rock, they’ve constantly been adding more musical layers to evolve their own unique brand of rock. With inspiration taken from American and British Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Instrumentals and Swedish folk music, the three piece always bring something new and fresh to the table.
Drummer Jimmi Kohlscheen leads with the hard hitting rhythmic foundation, which gives Robin Hirse (vocals, guitars) and Johannes Nilsson (vocals, bass) room to freely explore their instruments in the wide and open sound. The two strong vocalists create beautiful harmonies together and the thoughtful lyrics ad the final touch.
Asteroid released a split record in 2006, three full length albums in 2007, 2009 and 2016, all very highly regarded within the psychedelic rock scene.
Asteroid has been touring frequently since forming in 2004 and have played a couple of hundred shows all over Europe, which has led to a huge following and an ever growing fan base. After all these years together and all these concerts Asteroid is a very impressive act to watch live, where their genuine love for the music really shines through in every song. The trio is well known for making use of the entire musical spectrum with a rich and powerful musical energy that never leaves any stone unturned.

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