NoGood Boyo

NoGood Boyo

Trash-trad group NoGood Boyo is the only band you need to see if you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you locked Enter Shikari, The Prodigy and Meredydd Evans, in one room and told them to make some noise. They are also the only band with an accordion to request extra security staff, and paramedics on standby after audiences shattered dancefloors and tables at their gigs in Brittany. Without listening to a note, and no matter what you think about traditional music, you can’t deny that all this makes them like no other grassroots band coming out of Wales right now.

Dressed in attire resembling a steampunking Welsh Nana, and with their music mixing traditional Welsh language songs with the sounds of 90s rave and nu-metal, NoGood Boyo are already on their way to taking over the music industry in Wales, and they are ready to party like it’s 1699.

NoGood Boyo take their genre-bending ‘trash-trad’ label from the purists out to stop them, and the traditional music they have proudly mashed, mixed, and moulded in to a 21st Century sound. Their uniform consists of a boiler suit, sunglasses, and a traditional Welsh hat – seen only on biscuit tins and tacky merchandise at Barry Island until now.

They are the perfect balance between paying tribute to their Welsh heritage and all out recklessness.

Go loud, or go home boyo.

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