Saving Grace Ft. Robert Plant & Suzi Dian

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Saving Grace Ft. Robert Plant & Suzi Dian

“The opening track of Saving Grace’s set, ‘Undone In Sorrow’, illustrates perfectly the nature of the evening’s performance; the impact of sensitive arrangements and dynamics that can be produced when a talented cooperative congregate. Suzi Dian takes the lead vocal line with its euphonic quality resonating round this legendary venue, executing a steady yet emotive crescendo and diminuendo in unity with the rest of the band. The five musicians work in glorious harmony from start to finish reworking a selection of diverse cover versions that have been collected from various places creating a musical journey in its truest form.”

“…These five musicians have produced a supreme ninety minutes of music with considered interpretations of others compositions, ensuring they present an innovative exploration of the songs whilst maintaining their true essence. Furthermore, this odyssey has been undertaken in the spirit of appreciation, musicianship, and exultation: they truly are a band of joy!”.
Toni Woodward, Americana UK.

“I have been proud to know Robert Plant as a trusted friend for almost fifty years. We go back to the days when he was the lead singer of Led Zeppelin and I was the host of the television music show the Old Grey Whistle Test. During and since those halcyon days I have been privileged to share some amazing memories with Robert, onstage, backstage and beyond but none have been more magical, kind and beautiful than the performances I’ve seen by his new band Saving Grace. I absolutely love them. They marinate an incredible and intoxicating mix of mountain songs, new works, classics and uncovered gems from the 60’s, with Robert sharing vocals with the stunningly charismatic Suzi Dian and joined by Tony Kelsey on guitar and mandolin, Matt Worley on banjo and guitar and Oli Jefferson on percussion. Together they create the most joyful and atmospheric onstage music I’ve heard in years. Nearly half a century on and my friend continues to break new ground.”
Bob Harris

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