The Yard Artists

The Yard Artists

The Yard is where you will discover all the amazing unsigned artists, many from the wider Tunbridge Wells area, playing Black Deer in 2021. It’s the area of the festival where you’re most likely to find next year’s stars and (hopefully!) our future headliners.

Below is this year’s crop of talented artists…

Dull Knife
Hobbo and the Hippies
Matthew Falloon
The River Flows
Izzie Yardley
David Mumford
Luke Jackson
The Orange Circus Band
Coney Island Maybe
Phill Hooley
My Girl the River
Red, Green And Blue
James Kirby
Dan Clews
The Paul Dunton Orchestra
R.J. Ellory & The Whiskey Poets
Richard Sharp
Rattlesnake Hearts

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Line Up 2021

More acts to be announced soon