You can get a feel for Black Deer by marinating in the music that makes us who and what we are. The Americana community is home to a diverse bunch of passionate roots-inspired artists who sing to show us who they are, where they come from and that the future is unwritten.
Country, folk, blues, bluegrass and gospel music all make up the melting pot that is Black Deer. Let our regular Spotify playlists, home to hundreds of hours of music, into your life and discover established artists, emerging talent and much more on tap and tailored just for you.

Black Deer 2021 Official Line-Up

Check out the amazing artists announced to play at Black Deer in June 2021.


Black Deer The Roadhouse 2021

The corner of Black Deer that is home to The Roadhouse is where you’ll feel the growl of the Americana counter-culture.


Black Deer Presents: Folk

Traditionally folk music is music that is transmitted orally – tunes that are passed down the line via performance and word of mouth. Contemporary folk music fuses the art of the singer-songwriter with many styles.


Black Deer Presents: The Blues

The blues. Just saying it out loud sounds authoritative. In times like these, it’s nice to look forward to looking back & to allow ourselves a little nostalgia. You don’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. Let our pioneers tell you what happened when they woke up this morning.


Black Deer Presents: Bluegrass

Bluegrass either gets you moving or moves you. Focusing on virtuoso musicians, and featuring fiddle, banjo, mandolin, double bass, dobro & acoustic guitars, Bluegrass has consistently reinvented itself.


Black Deer Presents: Country Gospel

During troubled times, we turn to music to lift our spirits. Music is a healer and not many genres of music share the healing qualities that the best country gospel possesses.


Black Deer Presents: Cajun

Cajun music soundtracks a living, breathing & evolving culture. From the trad sounds of the early last century, through Texas swing and dancehall, Cajun music is rooted in progressive French Louisiana.


Black Deer Country Christmas 2020

Enjoy our Christmas/Winter-themed country, alt-country & Americana festive favourites.

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