Black Deer is more than just a music festival. It’s more than an appreciation of a musical genre. Black Deer is a celebration of a way of life.

A way of life rooted in, and respectful of, the cultural heritage of America – a movement that’s become known as ‘Americana’.
Americana is a world that at times can be gritty and raw, with a rusty edge. Yet also effortlessly cool due to the passionate sub-cultures that exist. Most important of all, is that it’s a world in which anything less than authentic isn’t tolerated.

Americana truly is a phenomenon, and something not just referenced in music, but also in the fields of art, film, fashion, design, and an overall style of living.
It is this authentic, 360-degree view of Americana that will be yours to experience at Black Deer. Allowing you to get in amongst and understand the way of life of Americana’s passionate sub-cultures:
From custom-bike builders who live for the growl of a fine-tuned engine on the open road; master makers using selvedge denim, leather, and other authentic materials to make timeless wares; chefs who cook earthy, wholesome food on natural flames; to of course, musicians – who tell their story best when sung around a campfire with friends both old and new.

It’s a culture that really is the best of a bygone rural age, made relevant, right now. And importantly, one that’s accessible to all.
So, if you’re a fan of bluegrass, folk, blues, and country. If you find vintage letterpress posters beautiful. If you yearn for the great-outdoors, and crave the smoky tastes of ‘slow and low’ barbecue cooking. And if you’re after authentic good-times, with a family friendly vibe – then Black Deer, is very much a festival for you.

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