The Roadhouse

After the roaring success of 2019, which saw Desertscene curate a world of its own via The Roadhouse, Black Deer returns for its third year next June. Held against the spectacular backdrop of Eridge Park in Tunbridge Wells, a meticulously thought out and bespoke universe of Americana awaits nomadic travellers from near and far.

As Desertscene descend upon the deer park to carve out a space celebrating the very best in Americana counter-culture, the synergy between Black Deer and Desertscene shows no sign of slowing down. With 15 hand-picked bands from Desertscene’s extensive repertoire, The Roadhouse has become home to the celebration of underground music and all that comes with it; custom bike builders, vintage vehicles, exclusive merchandise and the most talked about bar of the weekend all in its remit.

First on the bill for 2021 is Ukraine’s STONED JESUS whose progressive and layered soundscapes, combined with foot stomping hooks and catchy choruses are readily spearheading the new generation of heavy music. With their world-renowned track ‘I Am the Mountain’ being herald as the stoner rock anthem of the decade, STONED JESUS are here to show what the future has in store for the underground. Germany’s own wayward sons THE PICTUREBOOKS make a welcome return to the Deer Park after their last visit in 2018, the chopper ridin’ blues-rock duo are quite possibly the personification of what the romance between Black Deer & Desertscene seeks to invoke in visitors – freedom, rock’n’roll and good times. Soaring melodic rock anthems, infectious hooks and southern fried vibes are all to be expected from North Carolina’s ASG as they bring their fabled party atmosphere to this year’s Roadhouse. ASG freely maneuverer through alt-rock rhythms, spacious lead guitars and groovy basslines to create the epitome of a modern-day American blues rock powerhouse.

Dusty desert sounds at its finest, Roma rockers BLACK RAINBOWS showcase their own blend of psych-rock, reminiscent of rock-red skies, open roads and a sunset drive. Stockholm’s SIENA ROOT offers a unique take on old school psychedelic rock which includes wailing Hammond organs, unforgettable blues rock guitar riffs, all brought together in a comfortably familiar retro sound. Invoking feelings as indescribable as they are unpredictable, INDIAN QUEENS are experts in making stripped-back noises for the night.

Elsewhere on the bill we welcome Israel’s THE GREAT MACHINE who spell out just one word with the ink of psychedelic, up-beat distortion: Freedom. PROSPERINA wield their tools with the uttermost precision, creating evocative and multi-dimensional sounds, all spearheaded by a grunge-tinged riff that will work its way in to your ear for the rest of days. One of the last bands standing from the late 90’s wave of heavy blues, GORILLA is true, honest and dirty rock ‘n roll, bringing maximum-riff-mania with them wherever they and you can expect no different down at the Roadhouse. Dragging vintage heavy rock vibes kicking and screaming into the modern era is the name of the game for Cheshire-based 1968, whilst London’s BLACK ORCHIDS, with Kay Elizabeth’s vocals echoing those of Janis Joplin, weave a path through expansive instrumentation and catchy rhythms and finally, to round up we welcome the hard-hitting duo LEAD DESERT BLUES.

With more acts still to be announced, alongside bike builders, a mercantile and much more Desertscene’s Roadhouse is once again poised to be the most raucous, rock’n’roll and revered stage of the weekend. Keep yer eyes peeled and yer ears ready!


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