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American Smokehouse Cooking

Much of the inspiration behind the food at Black Deer hails from the States. Yet our ethically sourced produce is resolutely British.

Expect then to be transported to the Smokehouses of America’s Deep South. Getting down and meaty with ribs, pulled meats, brisket, rotisserie chicken, smoky scents and sweet sauces.

Cooking ‘slow and low’ in custom made smokers, is always the order of the day – with skilled chefs taking primal pleasure in live-fire cooking.

Coal-roasted aubergine, cheese stuffed Jalapeno’s, and charred corn tacos will prove that smokehouse cooking needn’t be all about the meat.

American Smokehouse Cooking

You’ll be glad to hear, we take our drinks just as seriously as the food. With the best craft beers, artisan ales, fine wines, and barrel-aged smooth tasting spirits, all on show.

Away from the alcohol, expert Baristas will serve you up a carefully prepared brew to give you your morning fix, or your afternoon lift.

Plus, there’s also a range of natural juices and delicious smoothies to wash everything down with.

American Smokehouse Cooking

Importantly, at Black Deer you can do more than just sample the amazing food & drink that’s on offer – you can learn all about it too.

Discover how to smoke your meats at home, and what the best cuts to use are; get clued-up on how to brew the perfect cup of coffee; or find out what it takes to become a master whiskey blender.

There’s sure to be a workshop that pulls you in. A list of which will be revealed soon…

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