Market Place

The Artisan Marketplace Black Deer Festival

The Marketplace is where we’ll be championing the culture of making.
Where makers* will be able to tell stories of how creating something, and seeing the impact it has out there in the world – brings them huge meaning and value.
The Marketplace is where hearty materials and simple form pay homage to the cultural heritage of America. Yet also where contemporary artisans bring new perspectives, offering modern interpretations of classics.
You’ll discover thoughtfully crafted artisan wares. Wares that are always produced with the environment in mind, and which strike the perfect balance between functionality and design.
Expect to part with your hard-earned cash for things such as authentic leather ware, denim, homewares, tools, original printed art, quality textiles such as blankets & throws – plus so much more.
Craft has deep roots in the world of Americana – having given opportunities to creative people from all of its sub-cultures. This legacy is one we aim to bring to life at The Marketplace.

We’ll soon be revealing a list of Makers who’ll be selling their wares at The Marketplace. So be sure to keep an eye out…

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