Music College


Black Deer is extremely proud to be partnering with SupaJam – an amazing organisation who help educate vulnerable and disadvantaged young adults on all things music.

SupaJam gives their deserving students the skills, qualifications and confidence they need, to successfully enter and progress in the music industry.
Through this partnership, we’re providing the students with an educational experience like no other. By giving them their very own stage to manage – The SupaJam stage.
The students of SupaJam will be responsible for all aspects of the stage. From set design, curating and managing the talent, to the exciting activities.


“This is an unbelievable, and potentially life changing, opportunity for these talented students to put their skills to the test and to show the Black Deer community what I know they’re capable of.”


(Guy Pratt, Pink Floyd)


“Having worked closely with SupaJam for the last four years. Not only on other festivals such as The Hop Farm Music festival, and Desertfest. But also through mentoring programs, delivering workshops, and providing them with employment opportunities – we’ve experienced first-hand, the true magic of SupaJam.”


(Gill & Debs, Black Deer Festival Co-Founders)

There’s no doubt, the SupaJam stage will offer something uniquely special, and will certainly be one to watch…

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