Haleys Bar

Haleys Bar


‘Growing up, the sound of Country music always filled the house. My eldest brother Chris Haley was an avid guitarist, and several times a week he’d be joined by a group of friends who together would play for hours. Covering tracks by the likes of Jonny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Merle Hagard, Bob Dylan and Neil Young.


The music Chris played, became the soundtrack of my youth. Until one day, the music stopped.


Chris had been tragically killed. At just 19 years of age.


From that moment on, Country music would forever hold a special place in my heart. Made even more special, when years later, I found myself producing Bob Dylan, Neil young, and the many other acts Chris first introduced me to.
Haley’s bar, is a tribute to my brother, and the below picture of him (Chris is the one on the far left with his guitar) and his friends playing music together will take pride of place in his bar.’


Gill Tee – Black Deer co-founder


Black Deer Festival Hayley's Bar

Inside Haley’s bar is where we’ll be remembering where it all began those many years ago, with Chris.
Putting on a party he’d be proud of, full of good times and great music.

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