Black Deer Supajam

Seven days and counting!
Holy cow there’s only one week to go and to say I’m freaking out would be an understatement. I’m excited of course but to be given this real-life experience is starting to become a bit daunting.
We’ve got this though; workshops and other preparations are full steam ahead and you can see the survival of the fittest really embodied into everyone. We aren’t taking any prisoners, especially after the artists search launch showcase party at The Forum in Tunbridge Wells (to find out more about what happened click here.)
That night really showed that this is more than work experience and the festival, more than music. When we first started this journey with Black Deer I didn’t really understand what I was going to learn from it, but the process seems to have been ongoing throughout from the industry to even myself. I can’t speak for everyone, but it’s opened my eyes a lot considering the future and the music I like and listen to. This opportunity has really turned my opinion round on Americana and country and its future.
You may not be aware but SupaJam isn’t your average college; we all come from a range of different backgrounds and have various personal issues so being given this opportunity has meant that people who necessarily don’t believe in themselves and think they can’t do it, can, and have proven so. Speaking to some people has really shown me this. An example includes one of my friends who is an aspiring photographer, who had her photography published. Speaking about the opportunity she said;
”I wouldn’t have dreamt to have a photo I’d taken appear on a music festival’s page.”

It sounds cheesy but working alongside Black Deer has helped so much and we’re sincerely grateful, especially considering you can see the tutors starting to sweat. We’ve got our own stage so I kind of understand why in fairness. But, we’re going to kill it. We’re all focusing on what we have to do and trying to get as equipped as possible ready for Friday 22nd June.
Surprisingly I don’t seem to be overwriting this. The feeling’s kind of like when you’re waiting for your 18th birthday and you’re crazy excited, yet worried because then it means the responsibilities are going to start hitting you.
Personally, I just hope everyone who has bought a ticket has braced themselves, because it’s going to be one hell of a weekend with all the music performances, out of this world activities and the food (let’s not forget about the food!) The weather forecast is looking pretty good too.
I think it’s time to get my two step on.
Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed my little update. If you aren’t able to get tickets, are going for one day or just want the gossip from the Existence of a Music Student (Part 1 / Part 2) then check in soon to find out how D-Day goes and the rolling features of the adventures we continue.
Katie x