Part 4: Wow, we did it

Black Deer Supajam

If we went back a few months, emotions were running high and were mostly filled with nerves, but over the weekend of the Black Deer Festival that all disappeared, and the Americana and country music and lifestyle captivated us all!
Black Deer was out of this world and ‘exceeded expectations’.
I am honestly so grateful I got the opportunity. At first, it was a bit of a shock to the system how fast paced being a journalist is, but it just helped me realise that this is what I want to do, and I can do it.

The experience was honestly like no other. I can’t wait for next year; with the passion, love and strive that the Black Deer crew have it’s only going to get better.


After speaking to other students, it seems that the festival opened everyone’s eyes, leading to the realisation that they could do more than first thought possible in terms of music and their careers in the industry. It seemed as though Black Deer smashed it, everyone who went said that they ”enjoyed it a ton” and that it was ”cool” and ”crazy” and how the atmosphere was unlike anything they’d ever been to, giving a sense of belonging which just made the whole weekend exceed expectations further.

It seemed us misfits were given the greatest gift of all throughout the process of working at Black Deer.

Our highlights combined all the concepts of the festival.
Level 1 students explained their highlight was being able to be a part of a festival on that scale and seeing bands who they ”wouldn’t normally see”. It really helped them to be more ”open-minded” within music and being part of such a “family kind of place really helped me to enjoy myself and settled my anxiety rather quickly”.

Black Deer Festival SupaJam

Level 2 students enlightened me that being able to work backstage and meet the artists was ”mad” because they never thought they’d get the opportunity and how ”there wasn’t a point that didn’t amaze”.
The whole experience was surreal for all of us. Personally, this was the case for me, yet it’s become apparent everyone was on the same page. Ben from Level 2 explained how he ”didn’t expect” to get the opportunities he got, and his main highlight was being able to get in the pit at the main stage.
Now this year is over, it’s crystal clear that everyone is hyped for next year and we’ve all learned so much from this experience, about ourselves and our next steps. I just can’t wait until next year, it’s mad how Black Deer has had this impact. Words cannot explain how grateful we all are.
This truly was the greatest gift of all.