The Arkansas Porch Sessions

The music of Arkansas is synonymous with the music of America and its musical heritage is as diverse as the state’s landscape.

From blues to folk, gospel to rockabilly, music has always been a part of life in The Natural State.
Arkansas is responsible for producing some of America’s most pioneering performers: Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Johnny Cash and Levon Helm are all Arkansas natives with famous names throughout the world – but there are plenty more musical heroes who started life in the rural landscape of The Natural State, names such as Almeda Riddle, Lonnie Glosson, Patsy Montana and Forest City Joe are just as important to the city’s musical story. But what of right now… who are the Arkansas artists making noise amidst the confusion of the modern world?
A deep dive of Arkansas’ emerging musicians will bring you into contact with artists as diverse as Willi Carlisle, Dylan Earl, Jude Brothers, Bonnie Montgomery, Joe Purdy and Nick Shoulders. “Listing
just a handful of talents from the state where I’m from misses major contributors,” says Black Deer-bound Dylan Earl. “Our people are largely affected by the land around them and impacted by the natural beauty and ruggedness of our surroundings. These artists have been challenged by the toughness it takes to forge a life here and most came from poor and rural working class backgrounds, deep in Arkansas. Perhaps this is why their music is so inspiring and contagious. Imagine if more of us had made it out to those big city studios…”
At Black Deer Festival 2022 we’re giving you the opportunity to experience a taste of Arkansas with the inaugural Black Deer Arkansas Porch Sessions. Musicians Willi Carlisle, Dylan Earl and Jude Brothers will be performing live just for you as you step into the real roots of the Natural State.


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Friday: 14:45-15:05, 16:15-16:35, 19:15-19:35
Saturday: 14:15-14:35, 17:25-17:45, 18:55-19:15
Sunday: 14:20-14:40, 17:20-17:40, 18:50-19:10