Top up your cashless account now

Black Deer Festival Cashless

With less than a week to go, it’s now very much the time to register and top up your secure cashless account. Beat the queues and get up to £25 free credit by topping up now…


Step 1:

Sign up and register.
Sign up and register (by clicking here) for your secure cashless account, using your ticket reference number.

Step 2:

Add the amount of money that you want to top up.
You’ll even receive free credit when you top up certain amounts. And don’t forget to set up ‘automated top ups’ so that there’s no need to manually top up, which’ll make life a lot quicker and easier for you when you’re inside the arena.

Step 3:

Get your wristband at the festival.
When you arrive at the festival you will have your ticket scanned and you’ll then be given your wristband, which has your money from your cashless account loaded on to it.

Step 4:

You’re now ready to get purchasing on site.
Your wristband is the only way to pay for everything in the arena. You cannot use cash or debit/credit cards. You can however use these at the top up booths to top up your wristbands.

Step 5:

Check your balance and add funds at the top up booths and bars, or online through your cashless account.
You can also check your balance before and after each purchase you make. And again, remember if you enable ‘automated top ups’ your cashless account will automatically top up when your funds are depleted.

Step 6:

Money left on your account? Get a refund.
If you still have money left on your wristband after the festival, you can get a refund by returning to this page where a refund link will be active from 12pm on Wednesday 26th June 2019 until 11.59pm on Friday 26th July 2019.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the deer park, where you’ll experience all of the many benefits of going cashless…