Update: Black Deer Festival 2020

As an independent festival, transforming the wild deer park at Eridge Estate into an unforgettable world of Americana is no mean feat, taking many months of planning and careful design by our small but incredibly passionate team. It’s why, with this in mind and in light of the recent developments with Covid-19 we must now accept that it is no longer possible for Black Deer Festival 2020 to go ahead as planned. We are beyond disappointed.
It is of course the choice we had hoped we wouldn’t have to make; we really did try to hang on in there to make this happen. Our thanks must go to you for your patience, especially amid all of the uncertainty, in allowing us to take the time to do so.
We also took some time exploring the option of postponing to later in 2020, but the most important thing for us other than your obvious safety, is to give our community certainty and so we have therefore made the decision to move this year’s planned festival to June 2021. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our Americana playground on the weekend of 18th-20th June 2021, to what will be the best weekend celebration of Americana & Country the UK will have ever seen.
How do we know this? Well, thanks to some incredibly hard work behind the scenes and some overwhelmingly supportive artists and agents, we are delighted to bring you a line-up for 2021 equally as amazing as 2020. Added to this we have some previously unannounced brilliant artists to add to the line-up which, it’s fair to say, we’re extremely proud of.


We put on a festival, you built Black Deer.

Thanks to the journey we’ve all been on together, you’ve made Black Deer what it is and, what we always wanted it to be – a passionate community with a shared love of Americana. But more than that, a community accessible to all. A community providing opportunities to all. And a community inspiring to all.
In times of difficulty, communities tend to come together. And so we must now please ask for you all to come together and show your support as we move to protect the future of Black Deer and ensure that it continues to not only be a much-loved Independent festival, but also an influential platform at the heart and forefront of the growth of Americana & Country in the UK and beyond.
We would also like to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to another incredible group of people. A special community of NHS staff, key workers, volunteers and everyone else out there on the frontline protecting us and helping to keep the UK functioning through these tough times. Some members of our team have been personally affected by the pandemic and have seen first-hand the incredible work and sacrifices made by so many.
Once normality returns (and it will) we will be proudly inviting many hundreds of these modern-day-superheroes as our guests to Black Deer 2021 to show them our appreciation and gratitude.

Ticket Options

You are currently in possession of our highly sought after best priced tickets, so please rest assured that we will not be selling Super Early Bird, Early Bird or Tier 1 tickets for 2021.
Roll over your tickets to 2021:
Keep hold of your current best-priced ticket and any add-on’s for Black Deer 2020 which will be valid in exactly the same way for 2021. By choosing this option, you’re doing all we could ever ask from you. So, as a thank you for transferring your ticket, you will have the opportunity to obtain a free of charge one-off, exclusive limited-edition Black Deer T-shirt.
Donate your ticket to someone worthy:
Perhaps someone you love is a keyworker and you want to reward them by transferring your ticket to them.
You will be contacted directly by our ticket agency partners via email within the next three days to confirm how to activate your preferred option. Whilst we’d love for you to keep your ticket as something to look forward to during these testing times, if you need to claim a refund on your ticket, that option is available to you.
Here’s to 2021…
Stay safe, stay positive.
Gill, Debs and the Black Deer Festival team x