What is The Roadhouse? Introducing Desertscene

The Roadhouse

“We’re bringing the rock ‘n’ roll.”

Desertscene founder Reece Tee is talking about the bands coming to The Roadhouse at Black Deer this summer.

“Black Deer has so many interesting areas – great music, great for families, great food – but It’s going to be awesome to have our bands taking over The Roadhouse.”

The corner of the festival that is home to The Roadhouse is where you’ll feel the growl of the Americana counter-culture and hear some heavier music.

Left Lane Cruiser was my first booking for Black Deer – they’re the perfect crossover band and will set the tone for the weekend,”

says Reece.

“But I’d also urge people to take a listen to the desert legend that is Brant Bjork. He’s the right artist to give the Black Deer faithful a taste of true desert vibes.”

What are the ‘true desert vibes’? Desertscene is an international player in the music business – with festivals promoted in London, Berlin, Antwerp, Athens and New York – and are the curators of ‘Desertfest’, the event which brings the best of underground psych and blues to rock ‘n’ roll fans everywhere.

“It makes total sense for us to curate a stage at Black Deer,” says Reece. “We’re primarily a heavy music festival, but we’re diverse and love bands that are rooted in the blues and psych side of things… and there’s plenty of those to choose from!”


Black Deer Festival The Roadhouse

Desertscene have put together a perfectly balanced line-up for 2019 that reflects the authenticity of Black Deer and stays true to the festival’s ethos.

“We have a whole bunch of bands coming from the US – Brant Bjork from Palm Desert, Duel from Austin, Texas and Left Lane Cruiser from Indiana. What could be more Americana?!”

Rock fans across the world got excited when we revealed the line-up for The Roadhouse stage in 2019 and Desertscene founder Reece believes the festival can only build on the award-winning success of last year:

“It was such a great event in 2018 – the location and crowd made it very special,” he says. “The location really is beautiful and the sun going down behind the main stage was such a great scene… it really gave the festival an authentic feel.”

We caught up with Reece to find out a little more about Desertscene, The Roadhouse and what visitors to the deer park can expect in June…
Desertscene and Black Deer have a lot more in common than first appears at a quick glance, tell us a bit about that shared appreciation of all things Americana?

Our business was started because of a passion for American music from the Palm Desert that spawned an underground scene. It was 100% about music – for the love of it without caring about ‘making it’. I believe that is the same ethos that Black Deer and its artists have: real music for real people. When you get that combination of artist and audience all believing in something, it’s an exciting environment to be involved in.

Tell us a bit more about Desertscene and its journey…

It’s been a project driven by passion for music and it’s been amazing to see how it has grown over the years. It’s an honour to be take our brand to such an amazing festival as Black Deer and gives our bands an opportunity to play to a whole other bunch of music fans that wouldn’t normally get to see them.

Black Deer will be teaming up with DesertFest London in May – how will that all work out?

We thought it would be nice to repay the favour and have Black Deer at Desertfest London. Hopefully, it will allow Black Deer’s audience to be able to experience the hustle and bustle of our inner-city festival. Black Deer will take over the legendary rock pub The Devonshire Arms on Sunday 5th May… I’m excited to extend our already diverse music range into some country and Americana. I think the Desertfest faithful will lap it up!

What are you looking forward to most about Black Deer 2019?

The festival has so many interesting areas, so there’s loads to look forward to. But It’s going to be awesome to have our bands taking over The Roadhouse – I can’t wait to see how it will go down.

Desertscene London presents The Roadhouse with Brant Bjork, Left Lane Cruiser, Radio Moscow, The Vintage Caravan, Yawning Man and many more…
Further details on Black Deer’s takeover at Desertfest on May 5th 2019 will be announced soon.