Festival Info & FAQ’s

Black Deer Festival General Camping



There will be plenty of toilets throughout the arena and campsites.

These will be serviced regularly throughout the event to keep them clean. If you have any issues with the toilets please report it to a member of staff or security.


Showers are provided in the campsites.

Drinking water

There will be free drinking water points throughout the festival arena and campsites.

We encourage all guests to bring a reusable bottle to fill up for free at the drinking water points throughout the festival.

Food and Drink

There will be a wide variety of food available and plenty of bars onsite. Full details to be updated soon.


Welfare services will be onsite 24 hours during the festival to assist you during your stay. Welfare is the place to head if you need to speak to someone about lost property, for baby changing facilities or any issues during your time at Black Deer. They are a lovely bunch and here to help you during your stay.


Black Deer have 24-hour medical cover during the festival.

Lockers and phone charging

Lockers and phone charging will be available onsite. More details to be updated soon.

Luggage trolleys

We are looking to have trolleys onsite available to rent to help you with your luggage. More info to be updated soon.


Black Deer aim to cater for all access needs to ensure everyone has an enjoyable time at the Festival.

Please note, our accessibility team will be reappointed on the 1st March 2019.

If you have a disability or specific requirements and plan to attend Black Deer we would like to hear from you so we can understand your access needs.


Contacting the Accessibility team

Please contact accessibility@blackdeerfestival.com so we can register you with our team who will assist with your experience onsite.

If you would prefer to speak to someone on the phone please email your contact number and someone will give you a call back.

How Accessible is the Festival site?

Black Deer Festival is held on a green field site.

The arena is the flattest part of the site, but there are undulating areas throughout the festival footprint.

The accessible campsite is positioned near to the arena entrance with the accessible car park next to the accessible campsite.

As with most outdoor sites, the terrain can be uneven in places. Please note there is a slope from the campsite to the arena.

Although we will prepare for all conditions we ask that you do too. So please consider the ground conditions and unpredictable British weather when deciding what facilities you may need and what equipment you need to bring.

Further information on distance between areas on site will be updated soon.

Accessible toilets are available in the main festival arena and the accessible campsite.

Accessible showers are located in the accessible campsite only

The use of disabled access facilities is reserved solely for the use of permanently disabled customers and unfortunately not for those with broken legs, recent injuries and/ or pregnancies.

Access facilities to book prior to arrival

Carer / Personal Assistant (PA) Tickets

We offer a free carer ticket for those who require assistance to attend the festival.

Applications for a carer ticket are not yet open for Black Deer Festival 2019.

To apply for a free carer/PA ticket you will first need to purchase a general admission festival ticket.

All applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

The carer/PA ticket is for general admission only.

If you would like to stay in fancy camping you will need to pay for both you and your carer/PA to stay in this area.

The carer/PA ticket is provided on the expectation that your carer/PA is willing and able to assist you throughout your time at the festival. They must also be available and able to help you in the unlikely event of an evacuation.

Accessible Camping / Live in vehicles

Applications for the accessible campsite are not yet available for Black Deer Festival 2019.

The accessible campsite is divided into pitches that are 6x6m. Your tent must fit within this space.

Accessible toilets are available in the main festival arena and the accessible campsite.

Accessible showers are located in the accessible campsite only.

If you require accessible showers and toilets and are planning to camp onsite please ensure you contact our accessibility team to arrange a pitch in the accessible campsite, accessibility@blackdeerfestival.com as there are unfortunately no accessible facilities in the main campsite.

These pitches are available by prior arrangement only so please ensure you book early to reserve your space.

Please note a maximum of 4 people (including yourself and your carer/PA) may camp in one pitch.

We have a limited number of live in vehicle pitches in the accessible campsite.

Please ensure you purchase a live in vehicle ticket and contact the accessibility team via email accessibility@blackdeerfestival.com to request a live in vehicle pitch in the accessible campsite. These are available on a first come first serve basis.

Accessible Car Park

Accessible parking is available onsite and is as close as possible to the arena and accessible campsite. Applications for the accessible parking are not yet available for Black Deer Festival 2019.

Blue Badge holders can park onsite for free but space is limited; so please contact accessibility@blackdeerfestival.com to register to park in the accessible car park.

Accessible viewing area

There is an accessible viewing area at the main stage.

Applications for the accessible viewing area are not yet available for Black Deer Festival 2019.

To gain access to the viewing area you will require a viewing area wristband. Please email accessibility@blackdeerfestival.com ahead of the festival to request a wristband.

You can also request a carer/PA wristband if you have applied for a carer/ PA ticket.

Security in this area will check all wristbands to ensure that the viewing area isn’t over capacity.

Please note that at particularly busy times, if you are not a wheelchair user and a customer in a wheelchair requires use of the viewing area you may be asked to vacate the space to allow them in.

Additional facilities

The following facilities are available onsite. Please ensure you contact the accessibility@blackdeerfestival.com to arrange access to these facilities.

The deadline for applications for wheelchair charging for Black Deer Festival 2019 is not yet open.

● Wheelchair charging
● Refrigeration for storage of medicines only

Assistance dogs

Black Deer only allows Assistance Dogs on site. There are water points across the festival site and all owners are expected to clean up after their dog. Please email us in advance accessibility@blackdeerfestival.com if you are planning on bringing an assistance dog.

Medical services on site

We have 24 hour medical and welfare facilities that can be found in the first aid tents. If you have any specific questions relating to a medical need during your time with us at the festival you’d like to discuss in advance, please email us accessibility@blackdeerfestival.com