Live-In Vehicles

Black Deer Live-in Vehicles

We’re excited to reveal that passes and electric hook-ups for Live-In Vehicles at Black Deer Festival 2021 are now available to book (details below).
And don’t forget, if you are planning on staying with us in a Live-In Vehicle, you’ll need to purchase a weekend ticket that includes camping to be able to do so.

Live-In Details:


Standard Pitch:

Size: Up to 6m
Price: £83.04
Book now

Large Pitch:

Size: 6m x 8m
Price: £119.37
Book now.

Extra Large Pitch:

Size: Up to 10m.
Price: £145.32
Book now

Extra Extra Large Pitch:

Size: Up to 12m.
Price: £176.46
Book now

Electric Hook-up

Price: £60
Book now.

Balance your festival travel miles with Energy Revolution.

We’re working with UK charity Energy Revolution to tackle the environmental impacts from our audience travel – these are typically the biggest contributor to an event’s carbon footprint, making up to 80% for the average festival in the UK!
When you buy your ticket you can choose to donate £3 to Energy Revolution to help balance or ‘offset’ the carbon emissions from your fossil fuel miles (£3 balancing approx 200 miles driven in an average car) – Energy Revolution will then invest 100% of this donation into projects that create clean renewable energy.
This is something we’re proud to be a part of and very passionate about. For you to support this with us would mean (and help save) the world.
See you in the deer park…